Prints for Ponies




The Problem

If you think taking care of horses are expensive, imagine how daunting it is when you have to rely on an erratic income of grants, sponsors, donations, and fundraisers. Nothing is really guaranteed.

Many of the horses that Freedom Hill Horse Rescue takes in have chronic or lifelong illnesses or injuries that require special feed or medications. For example, it costs $430 for the two medications needed to take care of Brocca’s Cushing’s disease. Without it, he is even more prone to lameness and infection. A few of the horses don’t have the best hooves, so they require a $200 bucket of farrier’s formula and a $45 tin of Keratex to keep their hooves in shape.

Then there’s spring vaccinations which can cost $1,400 and the combination of fall vaccinations and dental visits for a whopping $2,000 for all of the horses.

Unfortunately, the horses can’t go out and get a 9-5 to provide for themselves, so it’s up to the volunteers to come up with new ways to raise funds for the freeloaders.



Prints for Ponies: How You Can Help

I regularly photograph for the rescue and I came up with the idea of Prints for Ponies, which you can check out here. All of the photographs are of horses that are current residents or alumni of the rescue.  When you purchase a print, 70% of the profit goes to the rescue. The horses are totally worth it, and you get some beautiful wall art!  These prints and canvases make great gifts for horse-obsessed friends!