Why Choose Me

Why should you choose me?


Photography is personal. You’re trusting someone’s knowledge in posing, light and instincts on capturing emotions. I could write for days about how I’m this badass photographer and you should choose me because I said so. How convincing is that? Eh…it’s not…really.

Instead, I’ll tell you about the kind of people I want to photograph:


Fellow horse freaks.

I want to work with people who have fully embraced that once-hated title. We’re our own little group that would take the smell of the barn over perfume, mucking stalls over a trip to the mall, and can talk about poop without batting an eye.




Someone who is honest.

Tell me if there’s a giant booger hanging from my nose; I’d do the same for you. If I’m going to be late because of DC traffic, I’ll let you know so that you don’t think that I crashed into a ditch and am now trapped under a mass of twisted metal.




Someone who likes to have fun.

Let’s venture into the lake while the photographer dangles from a tree because it sounds like it would make a good photo (no, seriously, I want to find someone to do that with). You’ll be laughing at me and the crazy things I do to get your horse’s ears perked for a pretty photo. We’ll both be cracking up at the ridiculous outtakes because horses are beautiful, graceful beings. Especially when they’re pooping in the middle of an otherwise awesome shot.




Someone who can go with the flow.

Horses are horses and sometimes they just don’t want to do what we’re asking them to do. And that’s perfectly fine. Photoshop can be used to remove the lead line we used to ensure Pearl held still instead of beelining for that delicious patch of clover. Romeo’s feeling antsy? Sweet! Let’s photograph some action!


Someone who genuinely cares.

If you truly care about something (or someone) you’re going to pour your heart and soul into it. Getting professional photos taken can be scary, but are absolutely worth it when the inevitable heartbreak comes. You’ll have beautiful photographs to look and and fun stories to tell: “Hey, look at this! Remember when we were trying so hard to get Chief’s ears up and all he wanted to do was rest his head on me? He was my heart horse, I’m so glad you captured this moment”. That. That is why I do this.

Tucker, a Saddlebred gelding at Freedom Hill Horse Rescue, trots in front of a wooden fence.



So, do you think we’ll get along? Are you already getting excited for your very own Kristina Truluck Photography experience? Click on the contact button or e-mail me directly at kristina@truluckphoto.com to set up your session today!